Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, CO Now Open.

Our intrepid amigo, Whiteguyfro, went to check out the grand opening of the Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, CO last weekend. The park is free, and, apparently, super-sick. Check it out if you are in the vacinity. Here is what Whiteguyfro had to say about his experience - 

Valmont Bike Park in Boulder is sweet! Huge motivation to go buy some sort of dirt jump bike. Park layout is great and well organized and accessible to all rider levels and interest. Single track is rated green and blue with green being the easiest and blue being a bit more challenging. Tons of great flowing trail with big banked corners and all sorts of rock and bridge features to test your skills. Also all trails are directional and allow you to really push the speed. Total mileage and climbing is low but sure is a ton of fun! 

Terrian park, dual slalom, pump tracks and dirt jumps are all labeled red on the map and are further broken down XS-XL, with XS being easiest and XL being just that big! All the feature are built with progression in mind and challenge riders with whatever is appropriate for what they want to develop. 

All and all it's a great chance for any trail rider to really hone their skills and have a ton of fun while doing it and is well worth a stop if you're in Boulder.    

Click here to see the video from the grand opening.

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